Starting Rumors and Be My Friend!

Whew! We have got some great options for the BEA Sunday morning breakfast slot vacated by Paulo Coehlo. One is a late add to the fall list of a publisher and no one, not event the company’s own sales force knows the book is coming. Hmmmmm who could it be? We’ve been burning up the phone lines to create an even better breakfast event and from the looks of things you won’t be disappointed……

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Saturday Mornng Cliffs Notes

A few Cliffs Notes items before I get out and enjoy a lovely Saturday in Borwalk (Sunday will be spent at BEA HQ – you see how I sacrifice for you? Kidding)

On Friday BEA’s parent company Reed Elsevier announced its sale of Harcourt Assessment and Harcourt International to Pearson for $950m. The CEO said that it is a refocusing to concentrate on it’s, “Science and Medical, Legal and Risk, and Business Publishing and Exhibition businesses”. Whew, I’m safe for now!

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Pen Gala, Vidal Spouts Off and Email Outages

Note: The servers at BEA HQ have been down for a second day. If you sent me an email on Monday or Tuesday I have not received it. I’ll know tomorrow if messages sent to me this week are recoverable or not. I apologize for the inconvenience and will post an update tomorrow.

Thanks to Anne Binkley and George Jones of Borders for an invite to the Pen Literary Gala on Monday night. I was fortunate enough to meet Gore Vidal (who received an award and a first edition of Democracy in America) and rub elbows with the publishing and social elite while attempting to avoid spilling dinner on my tux.

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Honoring Indies and Partying Like A Bookseller

Fitting that today I finally get around to blogging about a few small things BEA has done to honor independent publishers and the news breaks that Soft Skull Press has been sold. The blogosphere is a funny place in that I have blogged, Shelfaried (yes I made the word up) and emailed with Richard Nash of Soft Skull repeatedly but have never met him and yet I feel like I know him. Maybe I’ll get a MySpace page going and we can communicate there too! I trust this means only good things for him as when I first caught wind of this move a few weeks back all news seemed positive. Richard, get on the ham radio and let me know how things are going.

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The Genius of Algonquin

The publisher Algonquin Books has brought us many magical titles over the years, but it’s true gift to the wide world of books? Director of Marketing (and BEA Book Industry Character) Craig Popelars. Sure he’s a good book guy and yeah he’s a fine marketer, but his newsletter (Algonquin Annotations) is hands down the funniest in the biz. From the most recent installment:

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A Cacophony of Cliffs Notes – 16 Days To Go!

Lots and lots going on right now so try and keep up with my random array of Cliff’s Notes!

We’ve posted some really cool new podcasts at BookExpo Cast with the latest three aimed at Librarians. Rock star librarian Nancy Pearl offers up great tips for librarians at BEA, Talia Ross, Holtzbrinck’s librarian maven does her part to bring pubs and librarians one step closer and lastly a general pod cast with tips and tricks for all attendees. Click each link for the individual cast or visit BookExpo Cast. Lastly, there is a pod cast from your’s truly on how BEA is using emerging technologies this year, give it a listen as it would do a lot to help my fragile ego: BEA 2007 – Lance Fensterman Discusses New Technologies

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Booksellers Go Underground and Ego

My friend Kristen Gilligan at the America Booksellers Association has put together an amazing visual guide to help booksellers navigate the New York subway system between the Hotel ABA in Brooklyn and BEA next week. You really must check this out: From Brooklyn to Javits a Pictorial Tour.

What’s even funnier about this, is Len Vlahos of the ABA and I had grand plans for a film of how to use the subway to get from Hotel ABA to BEA. This was going to be bigger than Titanic, bigger than Shrek 6, the only problem? It never got made. Len and I meet and discussed multiple cameras, boom mics how many key grips we’ll need, the Kraft services demands, cameo appearances and more. I think ultimately we decided the word was not ready for our art. Kudos to Kristen and the ABA for creating this!

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