Friday, May 4, 2007

Book Critics at BEA, Lil’ Ole Me and The Quills

I’ve been working with John Freeman at the National Book Critics Circle to create some dialogue at BEA around the current state of book coverage in print media. As an editorial digression I think the blog vs. print battle the PW and David Ulin of the L.A. Times will head a panel on what is going right in the book culture as we sometimes get overwhelmed with the negative (Saturday from 4-5).

I’ll keep you posted as these panels and others develop and on a few surprises we’ve been working on for the show.

Connie Sayre and Lorraine Shanley of Market Partners International know everyone in this business - and that's not hyperbole, they know everyone. When I see them, I'll sometimes make up a name just to try and stump them, but it never works. Lorraine was kind enough to do a talk with me for their publication, Publishing Trends, you can click here to check it out: BEA Does Social Networking. If you read it, you really owe Connie and Lorraine a subscription and if you don’t sign up, they'll find you, remember they know everyone!

Lastly PW announced a revamped Quills Awards program for 2007. It seems to more closely mirror the industry feedback on what they want form a literary awards program. I wish my friends at PW best of luck with the new and improved event. I’ll be on hand when they announce the Quills nominees at BEA on Saturday morning (6/2) in front of the main hall of the Javits Center, it should be a fun way to kick off the new year and new era of The Quills.



bhadd said...

Bloggers will include other information to encroach book awareness on their growing readerships I'm sure. Blogs need growth.

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