Saturday, May 5, 2007

Saturday Mornng Cliffs Notes

A few Cliffs Notes items before I get out and enjoy a lovely Saturday in Borwalk (Sunday will be spent at BEA HQ - you see how I sacrifice for you? Kidding)

On Friday BEA’s parent company Reed Elsevier announced its sale of Harcourt Assessment and Harcourt International to Pearson for $950m. The CEO said that it is a refocusing to concentrate on it’s, “Science and Medical, Legal and Risk, and Business Publishing and Exhibition businesses”. Whew, I’m safe for now!

Check out this cool icon and link to the exclusive comic the boys from Unshelved made for BEA. What I admire about Bill Barnes from Unshelved (besides his quick wit and handsome looks) is his mix of creativity and great business sense (and that’s not just idle flattery - but then handsome looks line was). If you haven’t read the comic yet, check it by using this handy link! Also, I can’t figure out in Blogger how to and a url link to the images so sorry, you'll have to use the text link (rendering Bill's stroke of genius pretty, but not very functional!), sorry!

Shelf Awareness continues to run great tips from Frommers on how BEA attendees can navigate New York City. I’ll link to the most recent set of tips, but Check out back issues from Wednesday and Thursday too. They never asked me for any tips on getting around Manhattan, but I think John and Jen know I’m a Midwestern rube at heart and not a savvy New Jersian.

On the subject of directions Soft Skull’s Richard Nash sent me some of his own insider tips on getting around the city:

As a guy who takes the AirTrain from JFK to downtown Brooklyn about 12 times a year, it’s not too bad. So long as it’s between the hours of 7am and midnight, when the A train is running express, it should be about 55-75 minutes from terminal to the Brooklyn Marriott.
For added value, Richard also gives you, dear reader, something to do once you arrive: Brooklyn’s indie presses will have a big party in DUMBO, an eight-minute walk from the hotel...on Friday night.

And finally I’ll leave you with headline from a publication that has not cut back its book coverage one iota: The Onion.

This American Life Completes Documentation Of Liberal, Upper-Middle-Class Existence

The article is great.

Enjoy the weekend,



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