Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lucky Star and CODE GEASS at New York Comic Con!

Previously, I revealed that New York Comic Con will host Emma's US premiere. Today, I'm happy to announce that Emma isn't the only anime series that'll be shown for the first time in America at New York Comic Con. Working closely with my friends over at Bandai Entertainment, I can announce that two of their most-anticipated series -- Lucky Star and CODE GEASS -- will both screen at NYCC as well!

Lucky Star's the slice-of-life story of Konata Izumi, a Japanese highschooler who -- while smart and athletic -- doesn't do all too well in school or at sports. What's the reason? She's an anime fan. Lucky Star follows Izumi, her friends, and their quirky, clever, and so very, very cute adventures through adolescence.

CODE GEASS is the story of war, revenge, and robots with character designs by legendary manga studio CLAMP. In the year 2010, the Holy Empire of Britannia invades Japan, crushing all opposition with their robotic soldiers, the Knightmare Frames. But while Japan is enslaved under Britannia's rule, the Japanese Resistance are about to receive help from the most unlikely of sources, the son of Britannia's Emperor.

CODE GEASS will begin airing on Cartoon Network later this spring, and both series will be released on DVD by Bandai Entertainment in the summer.

Looking over blogger reactions to Emma's announcement -- and Japanese pop star T.M.Revolution's before that -- I've seen a lot of questions and confusion about why there's anime at New York Comic Con at all. New York Comic Con has comic books at its core, but it's a celebration of the full breadth and depth of American popular culture, and if you haven't noticed, anime's not something only viewed in dark basements and in underground clubs anymore. Nope, Naruto and Bleach are as well known today as Batman and Superman. And just as New York Comic Con is a showcase for movies, television, and toys, it's a home for anime, too.

And, in response to the grumbles about New York Comic Con featuring T.M.Revolution and getting these premieres instead of the New York Anime Festival, don't you fret. Work's already begun on NYAF '08, and what you see at NYCC is just an appetizer.