Thursday, March 6, 2008

Q&A w/ T.M.R! An Experiment in Democracy!

New York Comic Con is honored to have T.M.Revolution perform with us this April, and personally, I'm very, very excited. Even more than that, from everything I've heard from his fans in both America and Japan, everyone is ecstatic. Our staff, partners, and sponsors are just really happy right now. And so is T.M.Revolution.

T.M.Revolution's New York Comic Con concert is going to be -- to use a word frequently popping out of my younger, hipper, trendier girlfriend's mouth -- epic.

And to foster more good feelings, I'm pleased to announce I'll be sitting down with T.M.Revolution next weekend to conduct a little interview. What'll I be asking him? I don't know. See, all the questions will be coming from you! I'll be asking T.M.Revolution 21 questions, which means you've got 21 chances to get your question answered personally by one of Japan's biggest pop stars. How do you ask T.M.Revolution a question? Simply leave a comment. I'll be going through all the comments and pull the 21 best and/or most interesting and ask them myself.

Want to know T.M.Revolution's favorite song? Want to know what brand of gel he puts in his hair? Curious whether or not he's a fan of creme brulee? Maybe you're just dying to know if he's got any cute pets? Post your questions right here, and I'll ask T.M.Revolution for answers.

All questions must be posted before 12 PM EST on Friday, March 14!

Tatara Makes Revolution!


yuffiebunny said...

I can only imagine what other people are going to ask...

Here goes mine: While traveling, is there anything personal you always bring with you that you just can't leave behind?

Heero said...

When did you first become a fan of Gundam? What drew you to the saga? What keeps you a fan?

tstidm said...

Where do you view yourself in Japanese popular music history?

Anonymous said...

i want to know what make u be come a singer ???? and how long have u bein a singer for

Anonymous said...

You did the theme music and some characters for Gundam Seed. You're doing the theme to Soul Eater. Are you going to voice any characters in Soul Eater too?

Anonymous said...

1. Which artist (Japanese or non-Japanese) would you want to meet or collaborate with?

2. What is one dream you want to accomplish and haven't done yet?

jpopluver said...

What songs are you most proud of personally that most American fans may not be familiar with?

Anonymous said...

When is the Gundam SEED movie coming out?

Anonymous said...

do you build gundam sets? What level do you build them if you do.

Saz said...

Well...I'll just type some
questions o_o'
How do they like New York
so far?
Do they like anime? If so which
What band/singer do they like in
( -^ ^-)
ah...thats all i can think of...
(' ~ ~)

bakaneko47 said...

-Which American restaurant have you always wanted to go to? xD

-If you can take one thing with you on a deserted island, what would you bring?

-Do you like performing as a solo artist or in abingdon boys school?

:D thanks tatara-san <3

Carlos said...

1. T.M.Network did the theme song for Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack back in 1988. In 2002 you do some songs for Gundam SEED (and eventually for Gundam SEED Destiny). Do you see this like some kind of "legacy" you're carrying out?

2. Coincidentally (I think), Nami Tamaki, who also sings themes for Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED Destiny, has a cover song for TMN's "Get Wild". Is there some relation with you or is it just coincidence?

Impz said...

Will T.M. Revolution ever try to sing a sappy pop love song for mere satire or fun purposes?

Anonymous said...

Why did you (T.M.Revolution) accept the role of Miguel Aiman in SEED and later Heine Westenfluss in SEED Destiny who came out in one episode and later dies in the following episode?

Dave said...

1) Which mobile suit is your favorite?

2) Which Gundam series is your favorite?

00gundam said...

Who would win in a fight? Miguel Aiman and Heine Westenfluss?

Anonymous said...

wats your favorite color??

Zac Bentz said...

When can we expect to see an Abingdon Boys School tour in America?

Anonymous said...

will be be any caracters in gundam 00?

Gregory said...

Ok I got 4 questions.

"Will you be doing an OP/ED song for the 2nd season of Gundam 00?"

"Since you decided to come back as a solo artist, what's going to happen to abingdon boys school? Will you be continuing the band's activity?"

"Those guitarists and keyboard/programmer are amazingly skilled which shows... you know how to choose your musicians. Whoever is the support drummer and bassist for abingdon boys school is really good. How come they're not official members?"

"Will there ever be a live footage for abingdon boys school on DVD?"

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

do you play any video games? are you on wow?

Anonymous said...

What american musicians do you admire?

Anonymous said...

A Few Questions...
-For the fans who can't make it to New York in April, Will their be another chance to see T.M. Revolution or any of your other projects preform in the U.S. in the near future?
-How do you spend your days off?
-Did you ever received something that made you extremely happy? If so, What was it?
-If you didn't become a musician, what would you be?

Romy said...

Hi Peter,

thank so much for providing us the opportunity to send questions for the T.M.R interview. (^_^)
Here are my questions:


1. Your English has been improved very much the last years though you must be extremely busy. How do you study English and how did you prepare your language for this event?

2. You are successful as solo artist and with ABS and you have achieved so much. What keeps you going and make you seeking new challenges?

PS: This is one of the things I love most about you.

Romy (Germany)

Anonymous said...

Here's my question.

WTF happened to you wanting to tour the London Expo? 8).

-an English fan

Lucy-Doll said...

Do you ever think of someone special while singing a certain song? If so, what brings on those feelings?

Anonymous said...

Do you ever miss making music with Asakura Daisuke? Do you two still keep in touch?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Sage said...

What artists do you currently listen to?

Anonymous said...

ur awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

My question: what music do you listen to to unwind?

miss-showers said...

You've said in a previous interview that if/when you're going to come back as TMR that you were going to re-evaluate what it means to be TMR and re-evaluate the direction of the music.

Have you found new meaning in performing as TMRevolution?

With the changing music scenes in both America and you think you will continue in trends or revolutionize what we know so far of JRock/JPop and of Takanori?

I'm hoping for a revolution.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick question

I know that you are a fan of the Broadway show 'Spring Awakening",but I would like to know if there's any other Broadway or off-Broadway show that you especially love or any that stand out to you as a artist?

Thanks for this opportunity ^^

KitsuneKaya said...

- Since you mentioned that this will be a personal new start for you and you'll come back as TMR can we also imply that this means you'll be working with Daisuke Asakura, your musical producer for all of your songs, again?
- And when you come to America again to preform will you bring Asakura with you?
-What's been you're favorite outfit to wear during a live?

Thank you

euray said...

Hi, I'm a fan of nishikawa san in Korea. Here's my question,
1. I think you are very busy thesedays. Tell us 'bout your little secreat of how to get your stress off.

2. How about visit to Korea some other time? I heard you already visiting my country before. We have an event like 'comiccon' every month. Please~~

3. 'Nephilim' is one of my favorit song. What do you think of your song is using on game opening movie? I want to know because I'm working in a game company now :D.

Violetcloud (Lindsay) said...

Two questions I've been dying to ask for years!

1. Takanori, you have always been so motivated and energetic in everything you do! How do you keep it up and what advice can you give to someone who desperately needs encouragement in following their dreams?

2. I’m a musical theater fan and I know you love musicals too. You’ve seen some Broadway plays recently, performed in two musicals in Japan, and even attended the 2007 Tony Awards! So, which is your all-time favorite musical? Which would you love to perform in?

HEEchang said...

Hi, I'm HEEchang, always supporting T.M.R.

1. Starting to NY, what will you do to get some other suggestions of do your perfomance in another country?

2. What will you do when you got a chance to do the world tour?

envirion said...

Thank you for the opportunity to ask!

My question:

If you had just one wish and you couldn't wish for more wishes, what would it be?

(alternative) What is your greatest desire?

Anonymous said...

Athena is the most brilliant song I've heard. It feels like I'm listening to a combination of your solo and ABS style. Will there any more songs like this in the near future?

Karen said...

If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be?

Gundam Junkie of Great Britain said...

Is any of the songs you did for Gundam a favourite?
Also, any plans for future voice-acting work after Soul Eater?

Anonymous said...

So here are my questions:

You're quite successful as a solo artist with ABS and also with T.M. Revolution. Is there any difference for you if you have to sing a song (OP/ED) for an anime or if it's your "own" song? And what do you prefer, singing Anime Songs or singing own works?

When can we expect the next album or single of ABS? (I just have to ask...)

What did make you create ABS even tough you aready were TMR's singer which already was a really successful band?

Chris "Kirbopher" Niosi said...

What was it like having a character based on you in Gundam SEED Destiny, and getting to play his voice? How did that come about?

-Chris "Kirbopher" Niosi

Anonymous said...

Takanorisan, I've read about your profile saying that you were born at 1970

But how can someone born at 1970 looked so young like you ?

Do you have any tips that keep you looked so young ?

Sara said...

Thanks for the opportunity to ask.
As I have seen a few others ask, I am also very interested if you miss working with Asakura Daisuke, if you still keep in touch with him and will be working with him again, and also if you might possibly be bring him along. Another question I have is what do you do to cheer yourself up when you are having a tough day?

Mido said...

I think that a.b.s's music style is close by British Rock, not J-Rock.
So I guess they aim for world...

Jess said...

What is your ideal date? (For example, going to the movies, going to a nice restaurant...)

What kind of weather do you enjoy? (sunny, rainy, etc.)

What is your favorite type of desert? (cake, ice cream, fresh fruit etc.)

Liya said...

1.What made you come here to have a concert in Comicon? Is this place special to you?
2.If you were able to cosplay what kind of character would you like to dress up?
3.How do you come up with the greatest hit songs?
4.what is your favorite anime/manga?

kira-shawn said...

Hi! Here's one comment from a Portuguese fan who had the chance to see you on some of your last lives as T.M.Revolution in 2006 in Japan:

-How do you feel when you see foreign fans at your lives? Are they special to you?

Thank you for this great chance to leave Takanori some questions (^_~)

Joanna, from Canada said...

"Do you take sugar, one lump or two?"

Seriously, I love all of your work with abingdon boys school. The next time you come to North America, please bring the rest of the boys with you! :)

buffykwon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
buffykwon said...

Hi Nishikawa-san! The last time I saw you, I asked you what made you happy. Now that it has been over 10 years since you first made revolution. What do you have in mind for the next 10 years and where do you think you will be 10 years from now?

buffykwon said...

Oops... I almost forgot. Do you plan on designing any more clothes? I miss Defrock. What happend? I was had hoped to shop at Bebel Fish on my next trip to Japan. I'm so sad:(

Anonymous said...

Do you start your morning with coffee or tea

Jizabel said...

Hi there Nishikawa-san, Tatara-san. First off, let me say it is wonderful that you're performing here in New York Nishikawa-san. Its a wonderful oppurtinity that I wouldn't miss for the world. :3

Now for my question, when you find the time to relax, what do you like to do? Play video games, read a book? Or do you try to catch up on some sleep? (lol)

lunadiviner69 said...

Do you play any video games? If so, what types do you enjoy?

Anonymous said...

Do you plan on touring outside of Japan with Abingdon Boys School?

Katie said...

Here's a question:
Will you be doing any other concerts in the Eastern United States other than in NY Comic Con?

And if not in the Eastern US, just the United States in general...

Mari of Jinokoya said...

On Feb 25, at your abingdon boys school concert in Osaka, you said "If you belong to a band, Let's play together in a concert".
I'm an American songwriter who has performed my own music in Japan.

Would you be up for a "jam session"?
and would you have any interest in original new music written around your vocals?

(Thank you Peter Tatara for the opportunity to ask questions)

tiduspoorpants said...

Hello TPP (Hannah) here! I'm a huge fan from Australia, I currently run a small fan community/club from the gold coast (currently 300 odd members).

My first question is this:
Are you aware of the huge fan base you have outside of Japan and America? If so do you have any tours/concerts or conventions planned outside of these areas?

Second, which comes directly from Annie from the club:
Do you have any further Anime or Videogame roles planned, if so would TMR be providing musical talent or voices such as in Gundam?

We understand you have been doing very well with learning english? how far do you think you have grown since you started? and care to give us a little taste of your skill?

Fourth, and this comes right from the TMR cover-band in the community (all english speaking girls btw):
Would you ever consider a duo with any western bands? even just for one song? if so who would you like? could we? (j/k)

And Last:
Do you have any further plans for Defrock your clothing?

Peter Tatara said...

That's it, kids! The T.M.Revolution call for questions is over. Look for his answers soon. Also, look for some additional interviews that may or may not be in the works.

Anonymous said...

What songs will you be peforming in NYC? Will we hear anything new from you? Can you please answer my question?

Anonymous said...

your musics been a big part of anime like Gundam, D.Gray-man, and Soul Eater. did you write these songs first and the series came to you asking to use them? or did you write the songs just for the anime? if you wrote your music for the anime, what do you think about when creating it?

megaman said...

Can you tell us anything about the theme song to Soul Eater?

Aya said...

Konnichiwa Takanori-san~ n__n
1. How was it like actng in the drama Beautiful life drama? And if you were given a chance to act in aother drama again, what kind of drama would you like it to be? :]

2. When you first debuted did you think you would make it as far as you have now?

Anonymous said...

hey I was curious
if you know other languages
like spanish and etc.

Anonymous said...

dude I can't wait
for a new takanori
please tell me that your
new single will be released
in june

Anonymous said...

that very nice of you been able to be able to interview him.something that i would like to ask will be
1:what is the difference that he feel begin as a Semi-single/solo in T.M.R and begin in a group like A.B.S?
2:What would be some future plans for himself.

Anonymous said...

I want to know:
1. Which was TMR's toughest moment in his life and the happiest moment in his life.
2. How does he think his style of singing has changed over the years.
3. Whether being a singer was worth it looking back at his carear and his advice on aspring singers like him.
4.His opinions on the newer male singers in the Japanese music scene.Does he feel the need to change his image to keep up with them?
5.Since he appears regularly on Music Station over the years did he maje many new friends there?Who in particular?
6.How is his life after forming a new band?Is it better,more challenging,fun?
7.Who does he look up to e.g his rolemodel/inspiration.
8.What achievement is he most proud of to date?
9.Is he going to remain active in the music industry past 40 years old?Or will he try out a new carear like voice acting or even acting in J-dramas.

animalboything said...

A two part question in relation to your work with top keyboardist/producer Daisuke Asakura:

a) Are you still working with him periodically?
and b) What's it like having Abingdon Boys School do the first opening for D.Gray-man with your former producer doing the third opening for D.Gray-man with Access?

Anonymous said...

Hi, thank you for this wonderful opportunity! =)

Since I can't think of anything better to ask that hasn't been asked already, here's my question: Is Nishikawa-san still single? ;D hehe.

Thanks! ^_^

chieripot said...

"Is it easy for an artist like you to make friends, really good friends? Do you ever get lonely? Do you believe in soulmates?"

Neko_athha said...

hi! I'm your fan from Indonesia.
I just wanna ask you,

do abs' c/w songs dedicated to someone?

how do you study english? your english ability is very good now, but my english is just so so without any improvement.. -_-

will you visit Indonesia someday? I know that your fans here are just a few, but still, Indonesia is a good place to visit!

ok, good luck on your concert. I'm sorry that i can't go to your concert. may THE FORCE be with u! XD


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