Sunday, March 23, 2008

Stan Lee To Receive The Inaugural New York Comics Legend Award at NYCC!

Well con fans, this is the announcement I’ve been sitting on for months now – I’m pleased to let you all know that for the second year running, The Godfather of Comics, Stan Lee will be at New York ComicCon. The New York Comics Legend award will be given out at a VIP party Thursday night at the Virgin Megastore in Times Square an Stan will be at the Con as well. The New York Comics Legend Award part is going to be an awesome evening. Only 350 people will be able to attend the party, and of those 150 will be fans the rest will be a who’s who of the comic industry. New York themed food, drink and if course a signing and talk by Stan Lee will highlight the night. Fan tickets for the reception will go on sale this Friday.

What Stan Will Be Doing at The Con - Stan will be doing some other limited activities at The Con, but you’ll have to wait on details as they appearances are linked to projects that have yet to be announced – how was that for a tease? We are working with the other organizations involved and you’ll see releases on this soon, I promise. Soooo, if you wanna go to the party and award ceremony, you can get your ticket on Friday via the NYCC web site (it’ll be listed with all of our other Ultimate Experiences). Otherwise stay tuned for your chance to meet Stan Lee at The Con.

The Award - The New York Comics Legend award was something we dreamed up this year and asked a few friends the help us fill in all the details (Thanks Charles!). Because NYC is the birthplace of comics and there are swarms of amazing creators and contributors that have called NYC home we wanted to do something to honor both the legends of our business but also the city that inspired so many of them. Each recipient will have made a major contribution to the advancement of comics, either through achievement in art or business; they will have made a significant contribution to the civic life in New York either through charity, education, public service or by advancing the image of New York City through direct involvement with New York. I’m pretty stoked to create a lasting award that honors the titans of comics and NYC all at once.

Trust me guys, I’ll have a lot more about this as the week goes on, but for now I wanted to finally tell you all the big news! We’ve got lots planned and I’ll fill you in, I promise…..




Issa said...

This is great news! Where can we buy these tickets...and how soon can I pay for one? :)

Issa said...

Re-read your post. All the info is there. Can't wait! :)

08JonathanL80 said...

Wow Stan Lee Is A God In The Comic Book World....I Hope I Get To Meet Him I'm Looking Forward To It.