Sunday, April 20, 2008

64,000 People Can't Be Wrong.....

Everybody likes to hear the numbers, myself very much included, I’ve been hounding Allison our registration manager all weekend for updates. So I sat with my team Sunday night pulling in stats and data from all the various sources as the con was winding down and we were prying the last fans from the show floor around 5pm…..

So what do we know?

At least 64,000 people attended New York Comic Con this weekend. We have more details to pour through from retailers and on site tickets sales, but as of tonight we know that at least 64,000 attendees were in the building over the weekend. That’s an intense jump from 49,000 last year and it seems to say this crazy little party we call New York Comic Con continues to grow as fast as a speeding bullet.

Stay tuned for final numbers in the next few days.

A reminder that the show will be in the exact same space next year and we are already working on getting more real estate to grow in.

Now I’m going to lay down, I plan to get up on Tuesday.



Anonymous said...

Lance...a great show. A few hiccups, yes, but a ton of fun.

Thanks again for helping me out in a very important way.

Already looking forward to next year. Cheers, buddy!

- AKA Dave Onduso

Anonymous said...

Great show, the only thing I was curious about was what happened with Grace Park, and Tomah?

Anonymous said...

After 3 years, you are still not where you need to be to make this one hell of a con. Just as many issues as last year, but nothing that can't be fixed with simple planning........stop dropping the ball, you could have an unstoppable monster.

Anonymous said...

You simply cant have people running (YES RUNNING) from the entrance to the back of the hall like that. It is a miracle that no one got badly hurt or trampled.

Is the autograph of a guy who draws worth someone getting hurt? Some jerks think so. Hey it worth getting sued?

I scored a Stan Lee ticket, a Frank Miller ticket, and an Alex Ross ticket, but I did so through a gaping loophole in your ticket distibution system. NO WAY was I, a grown man, going to run like an idiot, and perhaps risk knocking over a kid.

Here's hoping you have more sense when planning this next year. Stan Lee and Miller were your biggest names, but rather than just charging a NOMINAL amount to meet them, you made it a fiasco, and charged an EXHORBIDENT amount to meet far lesser guys.

Anyone who paid $200 to meet Mike Mignola was foolish, as the guy sat in artists alley and signed plently of sigs for anyone who passed by.

Decent show, but planned out poorly. Almost liek you didnt know who were your key guests and who werent.

fistofsmith said...

Hey Lance,

I just wanted to say thanks for everything you did to help me through out the show. I had a very good time except for Eva Mendes leaving the fans out in the cold. I was very disappointed the press/paparazzi who ruined it for the fans. There gotta to be something done about that. I really felt sorry for the only red shirt staff member who was doing his best to control the crowd. He had no help.
Maybe next year any "A" list star like Eva should be put into a private room like when Milla Jovovich was in the first year that she signed. The press/paprazzi had there moment and they were all kicked out so the fans had the chance to meet her and it was better control then the Eva fiasco.
Also any word what ever happen to Gracie Park and Tamoh from Battlestar Galactica on why they cancel?
Well thanks again for your time. I will see you next year.

Regards, William

Anonymous said...

I just happened to be at the right place at the right time. I got Frank Miller to sign my book (Frank Miller Complete Works) by just asking him. He was in an area walking by. After three years of lugging my book just to see ( I am glad I did bring it!) WOW!
I couldn't believe it. I was at the first Comic Con. It has gotten better. People just have to act like adults and let the children act a fool. Believe me I got star struck after I saw Ms. Mendes walk by. (Again, I just happened to be at the right place at the right time!!!) But to run after her I reasoned was just not right. She like everyone else is a person.
Really, my husband and I had a lot of fun and thanks!
Just a fan.

redneckotaku said...

I had a great time at the convention. I have already gotten my hotel reservation for NYCC 2009. I can't wait to see what NYAF brings to us.

Chuck.NYC said...

Great convention, can't wait for next year.

Tickets go on sale when exactly?

Anonymous said...

Tickets for Stan Lee's autograph were not tough to get once people figured out the deal, but the poor folks that tried to get one by making a mad dash to stand on line stood no chance at all. Better systesm needed next year, for sure, but I am not complaining cuz I met "the man".

Anonymous said...

Tickets for Stan Lee's autograph were not tough to get once people figured out the deal, but the poor folks that tried to get one by making a mad dash to stand on line stood no chance at all. Better systesm needed next year, for sure, but I am not complaining cuz I met "the man".

Miguel said...

It's no shock to me that you guys are getting such big numbers every year. You are having this con in a city with over 8 million people. Compare that to one million or so people in San Diego. So you have plenty people coming from just around here. I think once you get a little more attention your numbers will go in the hundreds of thousands and eventually surpass the one in SD, even though theirs is growing in numbers every year too.

I been going to this con for the last three years. This year was the best. I really enjoyed being at the new IGN Theatre, and I hope you have it every year.

Anonymous said...

They NEED to do something better with the panel rooms. They need to be spread out more to not have such huge amounts of crowding down there.

The system for getting tickets for some autographs really pissed off a lot of people. For example, the vast amount of people that wanted to get venture brothers items signed was so insane people were trying to buy tickets off of others.

Anonymous said...

What was the 'loophole' mentioned a couple times here to get Stan Lee tickets?

Anonymous said...

Saturday - just amazing . . . I was beginning to get scared.


Anonymous said...

There were a ton of funny things being done to meet Stan Lee or Frank Miller. Somehow a bunch of the tickets wound up in the hands of exhibitors who were offering a "free" meet and greet with Stan with a $200 or more purchase at their table. That was how several people met Stan Saturday night in the little room downstairs.

Not really sure if this is true, but I also heard that people were taking tickes with any name on them and using them for Stan or Frank Miller without being questioned. Even heard one about rubbing your thumb over someone else's name on the ticket to remove the ink, then either redeeming a blank ticket, or very carefully and very neatly writing "Stan Lee" on the ticket.

There were soo many ways to meet any of the guests that the whole "ticketed event" idea was silly and full of holes.

Seriously, you really did not need to be a genious to figure out a way.

Anonymous said...

That is true. I got an autograph ticket from one of the exhibitor tables. Worked out ok for me.

Psyburn said...

I tried to get there extra early on Saturday, but it didn't quite work out. So, I had to fight my way through the crowd all the way from the middle to the front of the line, in which I got in 18 minutes late. I ran to the back of the room, with little hope to get some tickets, and I didn't. Very depressing experience, which kind of ruined things for me.

I got four raffle tickets for Hellboy 2, but none of them were selected. Two of them were one number off, meaning if I was 3 seconds early I would've been eligible. I tried to pay off some people in line but it didn't work out.

Too bad I didn't know shit about the loopholes.

Anonymous said...

I have a question, how do you count your attendee's? I read on a news site that you count a 3-day badge as three people. If this is accurate isn't that a little disingenuous to say you had 64,000 people.

I had the pleasure to attend both your event, which was fun and WonderCon and to me it was roughly the same amount of people. They are claiming they only had 30000 attendees. Now I have to go back to my employer who wants to exhibit at one or the other and numbers are everything to them.
Any help would be appreciated, thank you for you time.

Nerdy Bird said...

I had such a great time at the con this year. You can check out the write up I did on my blog here:

Sad to hear it's in February next year. It's too cold!