Sunday, April 20, 2008

NYCC on Fox National News!

Shameless self promotion - Look at me mom!


DabidAndDon said...

Why are you talking about the con being super-busy and crowded on Saturday as if it were a good thing? The purposeful distribution of all the "major" panels on Saturday led to a lot of angry, uncomfortable, frustrated fans at the Comic-Con, including myself.

Maybe you weren't at the Avatar: Into the Inferno panel to see angry fans swearing, yelling, pushing, and ripping the chairs off of rows and moving them around the room to try to get a better view?

Any time that you have to shut down the panels hall because it cannot accomodate the flood of fans and fans leave unsatisfied, I wouldn't call it a success at all.

I really hope that next year you manage to ACTUALLY book the whole Javits Center for the con, because the show is simply too big now for part of the center.

Lance Fensterman said...

DabidAndDon - You are right it is not a "good thing" and my intention is not to paint you guys having to wait, or deal with husge crowds as a good thing. However, it is clear that the programming and con we are creating is exciting to everyone and that is a great thing! We will always do our best to make the place safe, confortable and enjoyable for all. My point was that it was really exciting to see that everyone was so enthused about the con and the programming. I'm sorry if you got stuck in the middle of the madness.


Chuck.NYC said...

Hey I know some people were inconvenienced but c'mon it was great to see that kind of turn out! I was at the Venture Bros. panel it was standing room only, I know nobody expected it but man it was cool to be part of it...