Friday, May 16, 2008

Neil Gaiman Interview & Get Your BookExpo Special Event Tickets Now!

Ticket sales for the BookExpo special events have gone through the roof this past week, so if you are thinking about getting tickets, get them now. Click here for tickets.

Meanwhile, I really think that the Children’s Breakfast lineup is perhaps the best we have EVER had. Sherman Alexie, Neil Gaiman, Judy Blume and Eoin Colfer – with opening remarks by Jon Scieszka.

Really, this is an impressive lineup and it will only further cement my fledgling best friendship with Neil Gaiman; I talked with him in Beijing, he did an amazing talk at NY Comic Con, and in the days leading up to NYCC, he even typed my name on his blog (and not in reference to a medical procedure). If this is not grounds for a best friendship, than what is? Really, I’m pretty stoked that I’m getting to host Neil at 2 events in less than two months, so listen to the interview and then buy some tickets to the breakfast!



katzinoire said...

Hello Lance!

Gaiman is on my "meet before I die list you know!" Remember that when I give you precise and timely floor plans! :)

Looks like Book Expo was interesting this year-getting caught up on your blog.


Anonymous said...

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