Monday, August 18, 2008

Vampire Hunter D Short Story Published For The First Time At NYAF

The New York Anime Festival and I are very pleased to announce Vampire Hunter D: The Wanderer's Ship by Hideyuki Kikuchi will be published inside NYAF's Official Guide Book. Vampire Hunter D: The Wanderer's Ship has never been printed before in any language anywhere in the world.

Vampire Hunter D: The Wanderer's Ship, a story of D and his encounter with a blood-red battleship, dates back to one of the author's "Talk Live" events. Each year, Mr. Kikichi hosts several "Talk Live" gathering in the Kabukicho section of Shinjuku. At these events, he introduces a younger generation of fans to a wide variety of horror and sci-fi films and brings them face-to-face with guests from the worlds of publishing, animation, and film. The events conclude with drawings that give the audience chances to win signed books, artwork, and other exclusive prizes. The very best is saved for last -- short stories handwritten by Mr. Kikuchi with exclusive publication rights.

To date, three tales set in the Vampire Hunter D universe have come into the possession of lucky fans. Only the first has been published. The third -- Vampire Hunter D: The Wanderer's Ship -- was won by Ms. Hitomi Yasue, a longtime fan of Mr. Kikuchi and a regular attendee of his events. As someone who knew D from the novels before ever seeing the anime, she was surprised to hear the opposite was true overseas. Ms. Yasue has graciously agreed to share this short story with fans at the New York Anime Festival in the hopes of exposing more people to the literary incarnation of her favorite Vampire Hunter. Vampire Hunter D: The Wanderer's Ship has been translated for the New York Anime Festival by Mr. Kikuchi's friend and the translator of his Vampire Hunter D novel series, Mr. Kevin Leahy

It is with great pleasure that the New York Anime Festival presents Vampire Hunter D: The Wanderer's Ship in print for the first time anywhere, in any language. This is a genuinely historic moment, something for Kikuchi's fans around the globe, and it is only possible because of the generosity of Ms. Hitomi Yasue and hard work of Mr. Kevin Leahy.

The New York Anime Festival Guide Book will be available in the Jacob Javits Center lobby from September 26-28, 2008.


Sabira said...

This is incredibly awesome...I seriously can't wait till NYAF, this entire VHD setup from having the Amano/Kikuchi/Leahy trio on site, to an exlusive b-day dinner, and now VHD The Wanderer's Ship exclusive...the ultimate dream for Vampire Hunter D fans, including me!


Anonymous said...

Buen comienzo