Monday, November 10, 2008

Chip Kidd and Bat-Manga Come to Kinokuniya

In 1966, the manga magazine Shonen King published an original series of Batman and Robin stories. This Batman manga series has never been collected in Japan and never translated into English. Until now. Pantheon Books and Chip Kidd are proud to present Bat-Manga! Bat-Manga showcases the Dynamic Duo as they've never been seen before -- battling dinosaurs, aliens, and other oddities spawned by atomic age Japan -- and contains vintage photos of a Japan swept away by a Batman craze.

And author and designer Chip Kidd will be coming to Kinokuniya Bookstore (1073 Ave of Americas) in New York City at 6 PM on November 17 to speak and conduct a booksigning.
You're coming, right?


Torsten Adair said...

Wow... 6 PM Chip Kidd, 7 PM Alison Bechdel! What a great city, what a great time for graphic novels!