Monday, December 22, 2008

Creators are Created Equally at New York Comic Con

I read Heidi McDonald’s post at The Beat on the standing of female creators in our industry and took it as a wakeup call of sorts. In the post (read it here) Heidi uses the guest list from New York Comic Con as an example of how little play female creators in the comic industry get. I took her use of the NYCC guest list as an example and not so much a criticism, but the reality is either way she’d be correct – we have very few female creators on our guest list.

Obviously this is not deliberate, but it was also not deliberately avoided by actively seeking out worthy female creators. So what’s a con to do? Same as we always do, we ask the fans and pros (our customers) for advice. We ask you for your ideas and recommendations, that’s what. As a matter of course we have always sought the suggestions, opinions and recommendations for guests (along with lots of other subjects) form our fans and industry insiders (including Heidi herself who has always been generous with her time in suggesting guests and panels) so this is not a new move, but perhaps a more focused one.

If you have suggestions for great female creators that we should consider inviting to New York Comic Con, post a comment here or send me an email (lfensterman at reeedexpo dot com).

I’m proud of the fact that we really do try to build an event that all fans will love and we work extremely hard to ask for and act on the ideas and requests of our fans and industry pro’s. So let’s get to work on this assignment as I need your help…..



Sage said...

You've had her before but Juno, the creator of the webcomic, Star Crossd Destiny is one of the best female creators out there.

RAB said...

It's a bit tricky because it's awfully late to invite people for 2009, but here are some comics women of note. It's possible some of these will be at NYCC anyway -- but if so, their names should definitely be added to the listing on the website:

Colleen Coover is my favorite artist at Marvel today.

Carol Lay is not only one of my all-time favorite comic strip artists and also wrote a prose Wonder Woman novel, so that's gotta have some mainstream appeal.

Ramona Fradon was at NYCC 2008 and I hope she'll be back for 2009. Aquaman, Metamorpho, Shining Knight, Plastic Man, Super Friends, Brenda about significant credits!

June Brigman cocreated Power Pack for Marvel -- oh! make sure writer Louise Simonson is listed among your guests too! -- and New Mutants, teaches at the Kubert School, and draws Brenda Starr.

Marie Severin is a vitally important artist at both Marvel and EC Comics, but I believe she's recovering from a stroke right now and might not be well enough to attend.

Flo Steinberg is not a comics creator but is massively significant in the history of Marvel. See her Wikipedia page for a hint of how important she is.

Anonymous said...

Stephanie Meyer

Matt said...

A lot of my favorite female creators are from Vertigo. Becky Cloonan, Tara McPherson, and (my favorite) Jill Thompson are all fantastic artists. Karen Berger and Shelly Bond have been there since the very beginning, editing some of my all-time favorite comics.

Vinnie said...

Gail Simone, who attended last year, is always a welcomed treat.

And how about some celebrity guests? We could certainly use more of those. I've read about Erica Durance, Noel Neill, Margot Kidder, and Hayden Pantierre all attending New York or Philadelphia-based conventions within the last couple of years.

Alexa D said...

I'll assume, given the attention Wonder Woman is getting at NYCC this year, that Gail Simone's absence is her own doing.

Otherwise, I'd like to suggest Lucy Knisley, whose charming "French Milk" came out this year; Kate Beaton, whose webcomics, though infrequent, are always a delight for us history nerds; Becky Cloonan's been mentioned, and I'll second that; it might be interesting to get Valerie D'Orazio to tease us about her upcoming Cloak and Dagger, and discuss what it's like to be a controversial blogger; Nina Matsumoto, whose manga-style fanart got her a job at Bongo as well as her own book deal; Nicola Scott should be there for Secret Six alone; It might be fun to invite Janice Valleau to be with David Hajdu, so she can talk about women creators in the Golden Age; G. Willow Wilson, whose three-front assault at DC (with Cairo, Air, and the Vixen mini) has been like a breath of fresh air this year; Lynda Barry is always a riot; Cecil Castellucci, Alisa Kwitney, Joelle Jones, Rebecca Donner, and all of the other women from MINX who had their wonderful imprint taken away from them just as it was finding its legs; Chynna Clugston has a new Blue Monday series out now, and it would be fun to see her; Pia Guerra because Pia Guerra.

And maybe I've just overlooked them myself or because they are actively not coming, but given that Bryan Lee O'Malley and Art Spiegleman are coming, it would just make sense to have Hope Larson and Fran├žoise Mouly come as well. I love their work just as much as I love their husbands' (and sometimes even more so).

Alexa D said...

Ooh, also, Holly Black, whose "Good Neighbors" GN for Scholastic was so perfectly the comic I wanted from her.

Anonymous said...

If we're suggesting webcomics and indie stuff - how about Ursula Vernon, creator of Digger, an absolutely awesome ongoing webcomic (also available in print for parts of it).

carol said...

How about Carla Speed McNeil (Finder), Linda Medley (Castle Waiting), Raina Telgemeier (Smile, BSC), Alison Bechdel (Fun Home), Amy Kim Ganter (Sorcerers and Secretaries), Roz Chast (lots of stuff), the aforementioned Lynda Barry and Hope Larson. Just the tip of a very large iceberg.

carol said...

Forgot Paige Braddock (Jane's World) and Kaja Foglio (Girl Genuis, among others).

Emily said...

Is Gail Simone coming? She's a favorite anytime. I also second Ursula Vernon, who's art I have gracing my house.