Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cencoroll Comes To NYAF!

I am very, very proud to announce that NYAF is hosting the US Premiere of Aniplex's Cencoroll. What's Cencoroll? Cencoroll is a 30-minute movie created entirely by one man, award-winning artist Atsuya Uki. Uki originally created a Cencoroll short in 2007 and distributed the animation via the internet. Overwhelmed by the praise and support of fans of this original short, Uki decided to single-handedly create a full film which will debut later this month in theaters in Japan -- and debut in the USA at NYAF this September. What's it about? Cencoroll is the story of a provincial Japanese town under attack by a mysterious monster, and the young girl -- Yuki -- and boy -- Tetsu -- who hold the secret to fighting back: a strange and even-more-mysterious pet called Cenco. For more information and footage of Cencoroll, please visit the film's official site (

NYAF screened the original Cencoroll short at our first show in 2007, and we count ourselves as very fortunate to now revisit this world and present the American premiere of the full film.

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Anonymous said...

I really liked the Cencoroll movie, amazing that it was just created by one man. I'm wondering, how long was the Cencoroll short he originally produced? I can't find any info on it, that's why.