Saturday, April 17, 2010

Caturday - Roger, the C2E2 Cat!!!!

Check out today's very special Caturday. Our pal and C2E2 attendee, Shawn Schillberg sent over this story:

We were walking back from McCormick to our hotel, and a stray cat was crying in an empty lot. I pet it for a minute, and it followed us into traffic. He's currently sleeping in our hotel room until we can get him to a shelter in the morning.

We named him Roger...he doesn't seem to mind.

Awesome Shawn!!!! C2E2 now has an official mascot!



Indigital girl said...

Awww. Good Karma to you and the kitteh!

treehouseanimals dot org

IT'S A NO KILL SHELTER. Here in Chicago - Good luck!

Shawn said...

We took him to the Animal Welfare League on Wabash. It's also a no kill place. They'll fix him up and find him a good home.

Anonymous said...

Aww what a cutie edward elric eyes, yeah

Ryan M. Eft said...

He'll be adopted quick. He is a gentleman among cats. He is also (no offense, guys) the best roomie of all time.