Monday, April 12, 2010

Lance’s Plan to Maximize Your Con Fun

C2E2 is going to be a big show. Chicago is a big city. McCormick Place is a big complex. If you don’t plan ahead, fan boys and fan girls, getting to and around C2E2 could be a big headache and I don’t want anyone to have a headache, it greatly diminishes your con fun potential. So I humbly offer to you a few tips on planning your time at C2E2, read carefully, use the links, leave comments with questions and I’ll do my best to answer and whatever you do, do not forget to wear your sunglasses, for better hallway vision.

What The Hell Is McCormick Place?
The McCormick Place campus is 4 huge separate buildings and C2E2 is in the Lakeside Center. Use this handy McCormick Place campus overview to exactly where Lakeside is, but if you guessed that its right on the side of the lake, you would be correct! So when in doubt and if you are lost just walk towards the lake or ask someone, “hey, where’s the lake?”

Where Do I Go Once I Get to C2E2, Like For Tickets and Stuff?
Once you get to C2E2 what do you do? Use this handy link to see a cut away of the Lakeside Center, which C2E2 will fully and completely (like 20 pounds of con in a 10 pound bag) occupy. If you are a fan and have your ticket, need to buy a ticket or pick up a ticket you have already bought, go to level 2. That’s fan registration and where we will line people up waiting for the show to open. If you are a VIP, Founding Member, Professional, Speaker or Exhibitor, go to Level 3 that is where you registration is and your entrance. For reference, floor 3 is the “main” floor where the exhibition hall is.

I Don’t Have Tickets Yet, What Do I Do?
BUY THEM! Prices go up on site (beginning at 12 midnight, Central time on Wednesday) and we are expecting a lot of walk up sales which means lines. Buy em online right here or go to a local retailer and buy em, here is the entire retailer list.

Where Can I See A Floor Plan?
Here is a super cool, handy, fancy interactive tool that also shows you the building overview and where all of the panel rooms are. Use it, it will decrease you chances of walking in circles. Here’s that handy link one more time to our interactive floor plan.

How The Hell Do I Get To McCormick?
It is super easy and you have like 6 options to get to C2E2 using public transit. Click here to see an entire list and step by step directions on how to do it.

Public Transit Is Smelly, I wanna Drive, How Do I Get There?
Use this link and read carefully, though not while you are driving, bring a navigator with you. There is lots of parking and it’s pretty much all 18 bucks, so just pick the closest to the building.

My Hotel Is A Ways From C2E2, Will You Give Me A Piggy Back Ride?
No, I will not, my chiropractor and Reed lawyers have advised against it. However we do have a ton of shuttles running and you can see the routes and schedules by clicking here for Shuttle Info

I Am From Fargo and I Want Some Deep Dish Pie, Where Should I Go?
I’m glad you asked, we created a Chicago 101 with tons of info on where to eat, where to get drunk and even where you can see the Blues Brothers. Point your mouse here and click to see our Chicago 101 page.

OK, Thanks For Getting Me To The Show, But What About What To Do Now That I’m Here?
Here is a grid of all of our panels and a searchable list. This is your Rosetta stone to decoding C2E2, treasure it. Note however that there are a lot of events, signings, panels, etc that our exhibitors are doing and they don’t always tell us every detail so this is the tip of the iceberg!

Yeah, Yeah, but Who's Going To Be There?

Here's a list of the latest guests we have, we may have a few surprises of course, but we've done our best to list em all here.

Who's Signing and Stuff?
Here is a link to the autographing schedule that we control, however there will be tons and tons and tons of signings in exhibitor booths that we don't always get alerted to. So this is FAR from the comprehensive list. Check at exhibitors booths and on web sites and we too will do our best to pull as much info together as we can.

What Cool Stuff Are Exhibitors Giving Out?
Visit our exclusives page to see details on all of the show exclusives that we know about. I’m sure there is more, but even I (or especially I?)am not all knowing.

Who Can I Ask For Help?
All staff will be in grey shirts that say "staff" on it and volunteers will be wearing red shirts. If they can't help you, tell me and I'll yell at them.

Now you know and knowing is half the battle! Post comments if you have more questions and I'll get them answered as best I can.



SaraBear said...

Really useful information, Lance! Thank you!

Now, am I correct that the shuttles won't be an option for those of us planning to attend the Avatar Friday event, the Neil Gaiman reading, and other nighttime C2E2 events? Or will the shuttles run past 8 p.m. to accommodate those of us staying later for those events?

Lance Fensterman said...

SaraBear, great question, we will run late shuttles for the Gaiman event, but not on Friday night. Cabs should be easy to grab though.

SaraBear said...

Fantastic! Thank you so much for the info. My husband and I have appreciated how easy it's been to communicate with you and all the C2E2 folks in the run-up to the event.

We're itching for this weekend to get here already!

Lance Fensterman said...

Thanks SaraBear! Trust me, we are ready too!!!!

Rodney Dollah said...

Thanks for the info (2 COOL :)

Was also wondering if you Can tell me how far is lot C from the lakeside building?

Lance Fensterman said...

Rodeny, Lot C is a short walk. 5 minutes? Nothing you'll need to pack a cooler for :)

Rodney Dollah said...

Thanks for the quick reply,
hope you have a great show!


Anonymous said...

I read on NYCCon's site that NO rolling backpacks are allowed...Is that true for C2E2?

I'm lazy and would prefer to roll, can I get the Lance Stamp of Approval!??

PS. your people have been great to deal with so far!

KnitChick1979 said...

Good information!

Question, my friend and I both registered for library professional badges (plus the $10 for the whole weekend). I'll be coming early, I believe it's 10 am the professional hours open? But my friend has to work until 5. Will she still be able to pick up her badge at 6-6:30 PM when she arrives at the con? Or will she need to try and run by McCormick Place in the morning before heading to work?

Lance Fensterman said...

On rolling bags, no one will kick you out, but we hate them. They are a trip hazzard and a general pain on the show floor. So sure you can bring it, but we'd rather you didn't. I've seen more than a few broken ankles at shows due to those things.

KnitChick, no probalem on picking up the badge late. We'll be here!

Phil said...

Lance, I tried to print out the Artists Alley map, but it came out all tiny. Will we receive con programs that are easier to read?