Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Anthony Daniels to Appear at Celebration V!

Anthony Daniels, the actor who has performed as the golden droid C-3PO in all six movies in the Star Wars Saga, will appear at Star Wars Celebration V this August at the Orange County Convention Center! Daniels is slated to meet fans and sign autographs in the Celebration Autograph Hall, and is scheduled to appear on stage as well. The actor’s singular wit, entertaining style, and unique familiarity with the Star Wars movie universe will make his show one that fans will not want to miss.

Daniels has been part of the Star Wars saga since the beginning after being cast by director George Lucas to play C-3PO in 1976. Realizing that he loved the character when he first read the script, then called The Adventures of Luke Starkiller, Daniels has since breathed endearing humanity and humor into the not-so-mechanical droid. He has the honor of speaking the first and last lines of the Saga, and is a continuing presence in the Star Wars entertainment universe.

Recently, the actor has been having a blast as the Narrator of Star Wars In Concert. No stranger to the concert stage, Daniels’ career started with the BBC Radio Drama Company in London. He went on to join the UK National Theatre at The Young Vic, touring abroad and performing in their London home. He was playing in Stoppard's Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead when Lucas asked to meet him.

In between that fateful first casting and his current role in Star Wars In Concert, Daniels has been involved in many Star Wars-related performances. He has performed in the movie radio dramatizations, tap-danced on The Muppet Show, promoted measles and polio vaccines, written and produced anti-smoking commercials, danced with Donny and Marie Osmond, taken part in the Oscar Ceremonies, befriended Big Bird on Sesame Street, become a breakfast cereal, and had his own cartoon series, Droids. Having become a gaming machine in Las Vegas, he also recently worked on the television series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and the astounding remake of Disney's Star Tours ride.

Although the Star Wars saga has formed a major part of Daniels' career, he has interspersed those movies with a variety of television and stage appearances, ranging from sit-coms to more serious dramas and the world of cult horror movies. He was the voice of Legolas in the 1978 animation, Lord Of The Rings but holds no grudge against Orlando Bloom who later got the film part.

Dressed as his golden alter ego Daniels conducted the London Symphony and the Boston Pops and, as himself, has hosted a series of symphony concerts in the UK, USA and Canada. After hosting its premiere in London’s 02 Arena, he narrated Star Wars In Concert on its inaugural North American and European tours. He has recently worked on science related projects with the Discovery Channel and the Boston Science Museum’s exhibition, Star Wars - Where Science Meet Imagination. He teaches at Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center in Pittsburgh where he learns so much from the gifted young students.


Justin L. said...

Awesome - goldenrod in the house!!

Master Mina said...

Fantastic news that he is joining us. After all, he is a Star Wars icon. :D

SWgrapher said...

Not worth $50 though!

monarchmike said...

This is GREAT news! It doesn't cost anything to see him speak at his panel for FREE. If you are only going for autographs, you are missing the whole point of this convention.