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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Singapore At Large: The Top Of The World

Where's Peter? In the Singapore Flyer, the world's largest Ferris Wheel. It's 150 meters high, and that's the Suntec Convention Center behind the Pan Pacific Hotel. Gail, Salva, Alex, Matt, Ivan, Camo, Esad, and CB are taking a grand tour of Singapore. And I'm here to fend off alligators or lions. Or get eaten while the guests get away.

Fret not, Esad will eventually crush the thing's skull with his bare hands. And then I'll get a new cyborg body. Fingers crossed it'll have a mini-disc player in its chest.

Singapore At Large: Make Mine Marvel

STGCC heads into its third and final day today.  For the past two days, I along with Ben and Cherie -- huge huzzah and kudos to you both -- have staffed the Marvel booth at the Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention.  It's been two days filled with creator signings, cosplay, kids, and exploding pens.  But don't take my word for it, as below are 35 images giving you an insider's look into Marvel HQ.  Click here for the full galley, and be sure to drop by the booth today for a Marvel poster as we've got a limited supply.


From .  Via Kristin.

Singapore At Large: Peter Hungry

Day Two is done. It was a good day, although now's the time the feet start to burn. Or stab. Right now, it's kinda like needles. Burning needles. It's fine until you stop walking. Then they explode. In stabby burny pain.

Mike's up in his room, doing room service for dinner. Me, I'm at one of the twenty malls that touch our hotel looking for grub. Here's a crazy Christmas village in the center of the Marina Square Mall.

Hey, Cherie Hee's following me on Twitter. She's working the Marvel booth wirth me, and she's awesome. She's at @cheriehee.

Hell, what do I eat here? The past three days, I've seen hundreds of places open past midnight, but when I need food, it's a ghost town? Carl's Jr. is open. There are a lot of em in Singapore. But they got nothing I can eat. Unless I get five orders of fries. Nah. Hmmm. There's a Subway and a Pizza Hut. And I don't got a punchline to that joke.

Singapore At Large: Giant Limbless Rabbit Thing

No comment. None at all.

Singapore At Large: Made Of Class

A new Mike-o-gram. David Lloyd's signing now. There are a lot of people. His solution? A bottle of wine. He's signing and sketching for all.

Singapore At Large: Peanut Butter Crackers

This just in from Mike. Lines for Fraction, Leinil, and Gail. Mike's up above the signings, presumably snacking on some peanut butter crackers.

Mike, too, would like to give a big thank you to Kas, who surprised him with an unsolicited iced cherry mocha.

Singapore At Large: Surprise

Sal Larroca's doing a surprise signing now at the Marvel booth.

Singapore At Large: A Photo From Mike

Mike was at Marvel's big panel - not stalking AKB48 - and just snapped this coming out into the hall. Relatedly, we've both been smitten by Esad. He's an awesome, awesome dude.

Singapore At Large: CB Signing Time Change

A heads up to all three STGCC attendees who are reading along, CB's Marvel booth signing today's been moved from 1800 to 1900. I presume it has something to do with AKB48. Actually, it doesn't, but speaking of AKB48, Paul was rocking a nice pink AKB shirt earlier today and Mike's off now at their concert. He worked with them when they came to New York and has been a closet fan ever since. Actually, though, I don't see an AKB event on the schedule for right now. This troubles me.

I really hope he isn't stalking them.

Singapore At Large: Another Post About Sharpies

Dear marker paint ink pen things,

I don't get you. I don't. You can't be used straight out of the box. You're complex. You run out. You explode. I just don't see why you need to be this difficult.

There's a marker back home called Sharpie. She's awesome. She's simple. She's dependable. And since I pulled out the Sharpie I brought with me to Singapore, she's been the marker of choice for signings at the booth.

Maybe it's not you. Maybe it's me. Maybe I'm too stupid, too oblivious to your charms. But maybe I'm not leaving the States again without 50 black and silver Sharpies in my bag. And maybe the TSA will ask a few questions.

Singapore At Large: You Are Here

What am I doing out at STGCC? It's not all Tiger beers with Salvador Larroca. Nope, it's also sorting, stacking, and resorting boxes, getting a laser in the eye as the equipment is set up for AKB48, and - right now - heading up the rear of the line for Harvey Tolibao at the Marvel booth. Packed lines all day for Sal Larroca, Matt Fraction, Giuseppe Camuncoli, and Harvey. Signings for Tan Eng Huat, Alex Maleev, Esad Ribic, CB Cebulski, and Leinil Yu later today.

And this is just at the Marvel booth. Mike's captaining the Walk of Fame with signings from the full spectrum of the show's guests (non-Marvel comics creators to toy designers), and he's got the unenviable job of managing the queue for Simone Legno.

Any signatures I want? It's tough, as working the show and fangirling out don't really mix well. (I got all wibbly, though, for John Barrowman in San Diego, and I'm not going to talk about when I ate breakfast in the same room as David Tennant.) This said, I don't want to leave Singapore without meeting Mori Chack.

So, who you want to see at STGCC 2011?

Friday, December 10, 2010

Singapore At Large: A Moment Of Zen

The Pan Pacific Hotel in Singapore has a Japanese garden and restaurant on its fourth floor. I'm mucking about the hotel now on bits of STGCC business and stopped into the garden. Utterly gorgeous. Instantly ethereal. I've had a love-hate relationship with Japan recently, ever more frequently scratching my head over the exponentially increasing number of moe-fairy-harem shows, but after 30 seconds in the Pan Pacific Keyaki Garden, all is forgiven. I don't even notice it's 90 degrees and 99 percent humidity.

Bring on Pre-Teen Private Girls School Pixie Bakery Detectives!

Singapore At Large: The Colors of STGCC

What's STGCC look like?  Lots of pretty stuff.  Lots of colorful things.  And lots of people looking at em all.  We're on the show floor early, though, with a few photos of some of the more colorful bits of awesome at STGCC.  You may not be able to get this close to once the doors open at 11 AM today.  Click here for the full gallery.

Singapore At Large: Peter Sleepy

These are Rachel's feet. They have nothing to do with the post, but I need a picture, and her feet are right here. It's not creepy.

I just wanted to write a letter to the weather.

Weather, what's up? Why do you have a beef with ReedPOP? Why do you have to have tantrums during our events? At C2E2, you had a volcano explode and black out most of European airspace, preventing David Lloyd from coming. Now, at STGCC, David Lloyd made it, but a blizzard shut down most of Europe's airports, causing Sal Larroca's flight to be cancelled. It's been resolved, and he'll be at the show tomorrow, but a volcano and then a blizzard? What did we do to offend you? Or do we owe you still from the awesome weather at NYCC 09? 'Cause, if so, let's not forget the tsunami during NYAF 08. Can we call a truce? I really don't want it to rain frogs or locusts during C2E2 2011.

Yeah, this post is pretty pointless. I'm tired. I'm hungry. I want to go back to the hotel bar and get an Asahi and a burger and then Video Chat with the girlfriend. I've got a lot of pictures to post, too.

Peter sleepy.

Singapore At Large: Last Signing Today

Camo signing at the Marvel booth. Marvel booth signings kick off again tomorrow with Matt Fraction and Sal Larroca.

Singapore At Large: AKB48 Invades The Stage

In the middle of all that's AKB48. They're kinda popular. Just a wee bit. You can't see it in the photo, but they're wearing little blue and orange fuzzy parkas. Back when they were at the New York Anime Festival, they were in bedazzled school girl uniforms. I own neither.

Singapore at Large: Photos From Day 1

Here in no order are photos from Day one of STGCC, and just to confuse, some photos from Thursday as well.

Mmmmm, tasty spicy noodles and chicken for lunch today....

Hot and hazy Singapore. It's been 90 plus degrees every day. And yes, humid.

Little Mikey Armstrong on Thursday as they built the main stage.

Friday morning, about 2000 people lined up waiting to get in. The first 500 got a sweet toy from Diamond Select Toys.

File this under creep marketing. Her sign says, "Help me! Fill out a survey to free me!"

A full IM suit made of foam rubber and wired for lights. So cool. Not so cool? Lance playing Iron Man,

Gail Simone talking to Singapore TV

Cosplay on the main stage!

Lance loves Homer.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Matt Fraction is Huge in Asia

Massive line for Matt's signing in the Marvel book at STGCC.


Singapore At Large: CB The Rockstar

CB popped over to the Marvel booth and was engulfed immediately. He's there someplace in the middle. People love them some Cebulski. I'm a bit terrified as the show's still minutes from officially opening up. God help us then.

Singapore At Large: Poster Signing

Team Marvel signing five posters for fans. These posters will be given out during Marvel's main panel at STGCC.

Singapore At Large: Marvel Takes The Stage

Team Marvel takes the stage at STGCC's Media Briefing.

Singapore At Large: A Slightly Better Crowd Shot

Esad and Camo and the crowd in the STGCC Media Briefing. Questions have been about guests, show length, what's hot in Singapore now, how STGCC differs from NYCC, and what's in store for 2011.

Paul laughed at the last one. What's in store for the 2011 STGCC? Let the dude get through 2010. (Personally, I want to bring in more anime and manga guests and content, but that's a given for me, isn't it?)

Singapore At Large: Media Briefing Begins

Reed Singapore's Paul Lee takes the stage, welcoming press and guests to the show.

Singapore At Large: Media Briefing

STGCC's doors are open, professionals are on the floor, and a media briefing is about to begin. Leading into the briefing was an unofficial guest parade as CB, Fraction, Gail, Camo, Ivan, Alex, and more made their way from our partner hotel into the convention center. A route that includes a short walk in a mall and about 50 paces in crazy, crazy heat. And the briefing is starting now...

Singapore At Large: Paint Marker 101

Marvel's giving away a pretty swell poster at STGCC, and you can see both sides of it here. You can also see me testing out black and silver paint markers on em. They don't have Sharpies in Singapore. I've know for some time the Sharpie doesn't exist in Japan (or at Kinokuniya Bookstore in NYC), but I learned today the Sharpie is a foreign concept in Singapore, too.

The paint marker, the local equivalent, is a complex beast. You gotta shake it up, then dab the tip until until the ink starts to flow, and then find something to rub all the ink that's gotten on your hands on.

I brought a few Sharpies from the US with me just in case any of the Western guests are as clueless as me.

STGCC opens at 10 AM for pros and 12 noon for fans.

Singapore At Large: Last Night

Here's a shot Mike snapped last night on the way to Jumbo. (Mrs. Armstrong, Mike is behaving himself very well.). We were both intrigued by the Thai microbrewery, but it was closed. So, after Jumbo, we instead took a romantic stroll inside Singapore's East Coast Park. Jumbo and the park overlooked Singapore's port, which we've learned is the second largest in Asia. We're now in the Global Kitchen restaurant in our hotel, which has the largest buffet in the world. American, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, and French breakfast staples. Plus a ham-carving station.

Singapore At Large: Marvel At STGCC

It's 5:54 AM now in Singapore.  STGCC's public hours start at noon.  STGCC's pro hours begin at 10 AM.  Building doors open at 8 AM.  Mike and I'll be there at 7 AM.  We're doing breakfast at 6:30 AM.  We're excited.  We're wired.  We're jazzed.  We also haven't fully adjusted to the time change.  After helping with set up yesterday, we took in Jumbo Seafood Restaurant for dinner.  Mike got chilli crab.  I got tofu and mushrooms.  We both got bibs.  It was a classy affair.  Afterwards, we talked about dessert or drinks, but we both passed out just after 8 PM.  Or at least I did.

Anywho, today's the big day. Mike will be captaining the Walk of Fame, featuring select autograph sessions all three days, and I'll be the OIC (that's Officer in Charge) of the Marvel Booth.  We've got posters and our own share of signings.  To keep track of things, here's a brief snapshot of the Marvel highlights at the con.  Note all the times are in a 24-hour format, which is standard in Singapore, rather than a US-style 12-hour clock.

Sal Larroca & Matt Fraction 1200 - 1300
Leinil Yu 1300 - 1400
Alex Maleev 1400 - 1500
Harvey Tolibao 1500 - 1600
Esad Ribic 1600 - 1700
Tan Eng Huat 1700 - 1800
CB Cebulski 1800 - 1900
Giuseppe Camuncoli 1900 - 2000

Sal Larroca & Matt Fraction 1100 - 1200
Giuseppe Camuncoli 1200 - 1300
Harvey Tolibao 1300 - 1400
Tan Eng Huat 1400 - 1500
Alex Maleev 1600 - 1700
Esad Ribic 1700 - 1800
CB Cebulski 1800 - 1900
Leinil Yu 1900 - 2000

Marvel's Hunt for Talent - 1330 to 1430 - Level Three Theater
Inspiration of Marvel Heroes - 1545 to 1630 - Show Floor Panel Room
Alex Maleev, Leinil Yu, and Esad Ribic - 1745 to 1830 - Show Floor Panel Room

Asian Talent in the US - 1115 to 1200 - Show Floor Panel Room
Matt Fraction - 1315 to 1345 - Show Floor Panel Room
East Meets West - 1400 to 1445 - Show Floor Panel Room
Marvel Heroes - 1500 to 1600 - Level Three Theater

Submit your portfolio to the Speakers Lounge by 1800 on Friday. Selected artists will be contacted by 1200 on Saturday for a one-on-one review with CB Cebulski, Marvel's Senior Vice President of Creator and Content Development. Meetings will take place from 1600-1800 on Saturday in the Speakers Lounge.

Get more on Marvel at as well as at @Marvel on Twitter. For even more info, follow guests @CBCebulski and @MattFraction on Twitter to watch them explore Singapore, and visit CB's food blog -- -- to keep up on his adventures and eats around the world!

Singapore At Large: Makan

From the STGCC Guest Welcome Package: Singaporeans live to makan ("eat" in Malay) - so much so that "Have you eaten?" often replaces "How are you?" as a social greeting.  Singapore At Large saw this first hand on Thursday afternoon as we along with C.B. Cebulski, Gail Simone, and Matt Fraction took a Singapore Food Tour sponsored by  We took a whirlwind trip through several examples of Singapore's diverse, colorful, exciting, and delicious culinary heritage, and Singapore At Large snapped a few photos along the way.  We've got about 30 photos in the galley below, but I say "a few" as C.B. will be updating his blog -- -- with probably upwards of 300 in a bit.

Click here to view the full gallery, and get ready for live reports from the STGCC show floor as the show opens later today!

Shadows of The Rising Sun This Weekend

A reminder that Japan Society declares war this weekend with its four-part Shadows of The Rising Sun film series, showcasing four powerful films about wartime, Imperial Japan.

From Japan Society...

War! Honor and glory, the wisdom of the nations, swept away by the wind of fear and the fires of bloodshed… This winter, a new Japan Society film series tells the multifaceted story of Japan's quest for Empire and its tragic downfall, as seen through the eyes of filmmakers from Japan and China.

In four epoch-making titles, poised between past and present, Shadows of the Rising Sun explores the conflagration and its dreadful consequences: the feature films presented, from Kon Ichikawa’s 1959 arch-classic Fires on the Plain to Koji Wakamatsu’s recent and controversial shocker (which earned main actress Shinobu Terajima the 2010 Silver Bear for Best Actress at the Berlin Film Festival), go to the confines of history and truth, beyond the bright madness of battle and heroism, into the metaphysical realm of death, evil, sacrifice and the sublime.

Here's the schedule...

Fires on The Plain - Friday, December 10 - 7:30 PM
Caterpillar - Saturday, December 11 - 6:00 PM - New York Premiere
Devils on The Doorstep - Sunday, December 12 - 4:00 PM
Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence - Sunday, December 12 - 7:00 PM

For more on the screenings, visit Japan Society's  page. For more on other similar events, hit up .

C2E2 Official Poster Revealed!

The Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo's going green! With St. Patrick's Day on March 17 and the Green Lantern movie premiering June 17 - and C2E2 March 18-20 - there was no way we couldn't celebrate our love of all things emerald on our official poster. Revealed today for the first time, C2E2's official poster features a triumphant Green Lantern in front of Chicago's Cloud Gate in Millennium Park, and even features some of the city's most iconic buildings reflected in the big, silver bean. The art was penciled by Ivan Reis, inked by Joe Prado, and colored by Rod Reis. It'll be on display shortly at comics shops, libraries, and a few college campuses in and around Chicago.

We're pleased, too, to today reveal that Ivan, Joe, and Rod will all be appearing at C2E2 as Official Guests, joining already-announced talents including Art Baltazar, Franco Aureliani, Gary Gianni, Mike Norton, and Tim Seeley. The three will be appearing on panels and conducting signings with fans at the show.

Want your own copy of the 2011 Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo official poster? Keep your eyes on,, and, as we'll giving a few away to fans throughout the holidays! Have your own store in Chicagoland and want to hang the poster and sell tickets? Shoot a note to our Ms. Kristin Heise ( to get squared away.

Singapore At Large: A Blurry Photo On A Rough Road

What do you see here? Why it's a blurry photo of Matt Fraction's head in the middle of a Singapore Food Tour. Matt along with CB Cebulski and Gail Simone will all be at STGCC tomorrow, but today they're exploring Singapore's culinary highlights and underbelly.

Non blurry photos later today.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Singapore At Large: More Thursday Morning Photos

Some more Thursday photos to share.  The last post of "Thursday" pictures were actually all shot here on Wednesday, while all of these were baked fresh today at 8 AM in the Suntec Convention Center.  Jan from the UK and I walked the floor, and you can see STGCC taking shape.  Click here for the full gallery.

Singapore At Large: Thursday Morning Photos

It's Thursday morning now in Singapore, and I'm heading out to the show floor in a half hour.  The Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention kicks off tomorrow, which means today all the magic happens.  "Magic", of course, means fork lifts and teams of blokes rushing about what's essentially an unairconditioned warehouse for 14 straight hours.  Mike'll be there with them all day.  I'll be there in the morning and then later on in the afternoon.  Job one for me today is the Marvel booth, making sure the physical build is going according to plan and then that all the supplies are where they should be.  We'll be hosting two days of signings there, so we'll need a small stockpile of sharpies and water, and I'd like them orderly now, so I've got it all set prior to tomorrow morning's chaos.  Fret not, it's the good kind of chaos.

Before I head out to the convention center, though, I've got some photos to share from yestersday.  Images of the Asia TV Forum show floor, the initial build for STGCC, some more shots of the hotel, and a few puzzling things I saw generally around Singapore.  Click here for the full gallery.


60s Cinema Series Wraps up at Asia Society

Asia Society along with Japan Foundation have been presenting a series of highlights of Japanese cinema from the 1960s throughout the winter, and it all wraps up this Friday with The Fort of Death.  From Asia Society...
Peasants in a village hire a bounty hunter to rebel against a shogun who exploits them for money in order to remodel an Edo castle. The bounty hunter summons his fellow fighters to join the fight. What ensues is an epic battle involving samurai, ninjas, powerful guns, and cannons. Growing up in a family that ran a horse breeding business, director Kudo has proved particularly adept at choreographing action sequences, making this Japanese version of a B-Western especially enthralling.

The Fort of Death screens Friday, December 10 at 6:45 pm.  Free Admission.

For more on this series, visit Asia Society's  page.  For similar events, visit .

Singapore At Large: Dinner

So, we showed you lunch. Now, here's dinner. Mike and I are in the hotel lobby with Paul from Reed Singapore, going over the gameplan for tomorrow and the day after and waiting for the one and only C.B. Cebulski. C.B. just landed, and we'll be greeting him as he checks in. Hopefully we'll have finished the beer by then.

Tomorrow, C.B. along with Ms. Gail Simone will go on a Singapore Food Tour, and Singapore At Large may just maybe be following along.

Getting back to today, Lance has arrived in town, so expect him to throw in his voice now and then. He's freshening up now for an Asia TV Forum function that starts in a bit at the auspiciously named Brauhaus.

I spy C.B. Gotta go!

Singapore At Large: Pre-Show Meeting

Reed Singapore's put together a 400 page overview document for the Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention. It's wonky and wonderful. And, we're now going through it page by page. Do you know what booth Marvel's in? G12. Do you know where you pick up AKB48 tickets? Level 1 Registration. Do you know where you can get free Pororo chopsticks? At the Pororo screening.

Do you know who's on Peter's team at the show? Ben and Cherie.

Singapore At Large: Table Scraps

Mike and I are at lunch with Team Reed, doing some dim sum in between meetings. We're here with folks including Paul and Rita from Reed Singapore and Jan from the UK. We did an hour-long walk through of the Suntec Convention Center with Rita in the AM, and the plans look tight and building is beautiful. Pictures, lots of em, are coming later. Right now, lunch time.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Singapore At Large: Wednesday Morning Photo Dump

Ahoy! It's 10 AM on Wednesday right now in Singapore, and we'll be heading out in just a wee bit.  Before we do, we've got our first photos to share with you.  Click here to see the full post.

Singapore At Large: We're Here!

Peter here reporting in live from Singapore.  Mike and I got in at 6 AM this morning, we've checked into our rooms, and we're currently unpacking our shirts, shoes, and Superman costumes.  First question.  How was the 18 hour flight?  Actually, not bad at all.  Armstrong brougth a stack of New Yorkers, and I discovered Singapore Airlines has both Doctor Who: Series Five and Sherlock on demand.  Armstrong checked out Sherlock, too.  If you haven't seen it yet, you really, really should.  But, we're not going to get all gushy on the BBC right now.  What else did I do while I was in the air?  Break 60,000 words.  Here's a fun fact... I'm writing a novel.  Its got vampires. Its got prostitutes.  Its got ten hallon hats.  And, while flying somewhere over Laos, it broke 60,000 words.  Literary agents, you know where to find me.

Question two.  How's Singapore?  It's gorgeous.  It's beautiful.  It's wonderful.  We landed in the pre-dawn hours, with Singapore's cityscape aglow and its harbor gold from the fishing and merchant boats coming in.  The sun's in the sky now, and the whole city is filled with impossible architecture.  Mike and I have clearly travelled into the future.

Pictures will be coming later today.

And until the real pictures, one last word picture for you.  Checking in, I got a copy of the Straits Times, Singapore's biggest newspaper, and what did I spy, but a story about STGCC.  This is gonna be fun.

Singapore At Large: C.B. in Singapore!

Ahoy, this is Peter writing from way up in the stratosphere.  Or, rather, from a post cleverly written before I left the ground.  Mike and I are currently somewhere over the Pacific, and still hours away from landing in Singapore.  While we're out of comission, why not learn about the other cool folks who'll be at STGCC?  Beyond us, creators traveling to the Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention include David Lloyd, Gail Simone, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Matt Fraction, and Salvador Larroca, to name a few.  (Get the full list at .)  And, we're pleased as punch our friend and Marvel's SVP of Creator and Content Development, C.B. Cebulski, is coming out here, too.  C.B.'s on panels, conducting portfolio reviews, and signing comics for fans.  And eating.

C.B. travels a lot -- he's coming to Singapore by way of Japan -- and records all his travels and his meals at  It's well worth a visit.  To get an inside glimpse at the STGCC and Singapore's culinary highlights, make sure Eataku becomes a part of your day.  Need convincing?  Here's Eataku talking about a Japanese pancake drink.  Yes, a pancake-flavored drink.  From Japan.  God bless you, Japan.

Be sure to follow C.B. at @CBCebulski on Twitter, too!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Singapore At Large: Geronimo

Peter reporting back in in what'll be the last Singapore At Large post from the US of A. Mike and I are on the plane, getting ready to take off. We'll be off the grid for the next 19 hours, after which we'll be in hot and humid Singapore. Mike tells me it'll be 94 degrees in Singapore with humidity to match. I'm so glad I've packed a suitcase full of suitcoats.

Mike's father gave him some traveling advice before the trip. Don't drink too much liquor and keep hydrated.

My girlfriend gave me some advice, too. Don't get wet.

I don't get why Mike's dad and my girlfriend have both zeroed in on the drippy, dribbly aspects of our trip. If I was giving myself advice, I'd rattle off...

- Don't feed the monkeys
- Don't pet the monkeys
- Don't steal the monkeys
- Don't steal 100 monkeys
- Don't steal 100 monkeys and strap them to 100 typewriters

Whatever. We'll soon be in Singapore where Mike and I can get as wet and steal as many monkeys as we want.


Singapore At Large: Something Fishy

There's a tiny room here in the Singapore Airlines Lounge -- technically called the Scandinavian Lounge, but "Scandinavian" is too long and hard to spell, so we'll go with "Singapore Airlines" -- filled with big, beautiful iMacs. All of em are equipped with Skype to call friends and a fast connection to watch last week's Fringe. But there's something odd about these iMacs. I just can't put my finger on it.

Anywho, in other breaking Singapore Airlines Lounge news, they rolled out a big pot of lo mein, and I'm on my third tea.

To all the folks reading this who aren't on their way to Singapore, Kotaku is holding a party tomorrow night -- Tuesday night -- in Barcade and Brooklyn. Hit up for details on the shindig and the just-announced new Tomb Raider game featuring an adolescent Lara Croft. This is, what, the third reboot for the franchise? Best of luck on it, Eidos, as the original Tomb Raider was an integral part of my high school career, and none of the games after the second have captured this magic.

When Tomb Raider first came out, so much of the talk compared Lara and her adventures to another legendary archaeologist -- Dr. Henry Jones. Don't forget this, Eidos, as apart from the guns and slinky outfits, it was playing as a Lady Indy that won the original so many fans.

But, I digress. There are iMacs in the Singapore Airlines Lounge running Windows.

Singapore At Large: Newark Airport

The Singapore Toys, Game & Comic Convention pre-show continues. This is Peter reporting in live from the Newark Airport. Mike and I've gone through security -- sadly the TSA scanned neither of our junk -- and passed a charming little Americana shop by our gate. I'm glad we're pushing bobbleheads to international travelers before they even get to the baggage claim. We're now sitting in awkward silence in the Singapore Airlines Lounge. It's got cookies, cheese, crackers, beer, wine, and hard liquor. Mike? He's got sparkling water with a twist of lime. Me? Spearmint tea. We're both clearly taking full advantage of the situation.

I am, though, perplexed why it took us an hour to go from ReedPOP HQ in Norwalk to the Newark Airport in, well, Newark in an hour's time, when my daily trip from Norwalk to Queens runs two hours door to door.

Is this what passes for an update at Singapore At Large? For now, but it'll get more exciting once we land. And, by exciting, I mean posted at bizarre hours of the night.

Of course, by the time our flight takes off in another two hours, I'm sure I'll be on my sixth jack and coke, and Mike will have narrowly beat me in a cookie eating contest.

I leave you with Mike's words of wisdom after a trip to the lounge's buffet...

"That was really good ham."

This pretty much sums it up...

The next time I'm asked to explain Doctor Who, I'm just going to show them this picture.

It's from the Radio Times magazine in the UK, by way of , and is a promo pic for the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas Special.  It pretty much sums it up.