Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's Alive!

Singapore.  It's on the far side of the world.  Right now, it's 1:40 AM.  HuiLeng, Melinda, Rita, and the Reed team over there are tucked into their beds and dreaming of Captain America, Green Lantern, and Hatsune Miku.  Well, I hope they are.  Then, again, they may be on their sixth round of Tiger beer, as the new Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention website launched today.

Located at , it's been updated with 2011 information and a new look and feel.  Notice some similarities between it and NYCC and C2E2's sites?  It's intentional.  We're working closely with the Singapore team, and a few of us will be spending some time out there later this month, too.

Most of the news on Medium At Large revolves around New York and Chicago, but we've got exciting stuff being cooked up in Singapore right now that we'll be able to dish out as we get into the summer.  Immediately, though, check out the site and on Twitter. There's a dazzling, neon-colored plan afoot.