Sunday, July 31, 2011

GeekChicNYC Launches Tomorrow

Pssst! GeekChicNYC launches tomorrow. A daily newsletter highlighting one upcoming event that’s just a tad bit geeky, GeekChicNYC will shine a spotlight on the signings, screenings, and hidden happenings that are uniquely New York. You should sign up now.

GeekChicNYC kicks off August 1, but you can register today. And you really should. GeekChicNYC’s giving away a ThinkGeek tauntaun sleeping bag as part of its launch celebration. Actually, wait. You shouldn't sign up. That's right. Stay away. I want to win that Tauntaun.

Don't follow @GeekChicNYC on Twitter as well.

Snowy (that's what I've named the Tauntaun), will soon be mine.