Friday, July 8, 2011

Retailer Tickets Now In Stores!

Need a ticket to NYCC? Think LulzSec will steal your information if you use your credit card online? Well, this is a gentle reminder that NYCC tickets are now in retailers across the great City of New York. Kristin personally delivered most of em last week, and you can find a full list of participating retailers at

Actually, tickets aren't just throughout NYC.  Nope.  We've got tickets around New York State as well as at shops in New Jersey, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and even Illinois.

And badges bought from NYCC retailers feature limited-edition Walking Dead TV artwork you won't find anywhere else.



christos said...

what about 4 day and pro

Peter Tatara said...

Christos, these are NYCC's retailer tickets -- available at Midtown Comics, Kinokuniya, etc. 4-Day, Pro, and Press badges are available online but not in comic shops. As such, they don't have retailer editions.