Friday, October 7, 2011

NYCC Cancellations

NYCC features well over a hundred comics creators from the big publishers, to the indie press, to guys and girls who publish their own comics on the web. And, as is unfortunately the case, guests sometimes have to cancel. Be it for health, family matters, or scheduling conflicts, it’s unforeseen as we start planning a con, but it becomes unavoidable as we get into the final days.

All this is our preamble before saying that we’ve this week learned a handful of guests will be unable to make it to NYCC this year.  We're sad and sorry to report John Landis, Mike Mignola, Paul Cornell, Ivan Reis, Adam Hughes, Allison Sohn, and Rick Remender will no longer be coming to NYCC this year.

It's terrible for them, for the fans, and for us, but it's something that always happens. (Remember when we had a volcano prevent David Lloyd from coming out to C2E2?)  We can't get into the personal details of the cancellations, but we wish all of them well, and we hope to feature them at New York Comic Con in 2012.