Wednesday, November 2, 2011

NYC MoCA Open Until Nov 3

TBS's Conan is shooting in New York this week.  They're at the Beacon Theatre until the 3rd, and also until the 3rd, is the New York Museum of Conan Art (MoCA).  Taking over the second floor of the Time Warner Center, it's a glorious, genius museum dedicated to all things Conan spread out over galleries devoted to Classical Narcissism, Neo-Impressionist Expressionism, Really Real Surrealism, and Post Self-Deconstructivism.  Much more than paintings on walls, too, there are black turtleneck clad docents, an audio tour, and a robot couch that gives hugs.

I stopped in last night.  Lines were long.  Smiles were wide.  La Bamba was playing piano.  It was a whole other world.

Take a half hour today or tomorrow and check out MoCA.  It's deliriously, dementedly brilliant.  Then, check out Conan at 11 PM on TBS. (To your right, you'll see one of the pieces in the musuem - Conan the Conqueror.)