Friday, May 4, 2012

Star Wars At Large: Fan Table Line Up

Next on Star Wars Day?  Word from Lucasfilm on the Fan Tables that'll appear at Celebration... Who would know better what Star Wars fans enjoy at Celebrations than the fans themselves? At Celebration VI, creative and community-minded fans are contributing more entertainment, exhibits and surprises than ever before. An important portion of the overall fan participation at the show is the fan table area in the Celebration Experience Exhibit Hall, where individual fan organizations show off what makes them special in the Star Wars galaxy.

Bringing the Force of Fandom to Celebration VI are:

DC Area Star Wars Collecting Club. The DCSWCC is Star Wars fans from the Washington D.C. metro area who share a love of collecting in all its many aspects. One of the main missions of the club is to give back to the youth of their community.

Fan Force. FanForce is a 'force of fans', dedicated to fully enjoying the Star Wars experience. It is a global network for fans who want to meet up with the other fans in their area. Fan Force is devoted to fun, friendship and everything Star Wars.

Japan Star Wars Modeling Alliance. The club builds ships that are replicas of the studio models that appear in the Star Wars movies, and will travel across the ocean with some of their expert creations to share them with other fans.

Mandalorian Mercs. The costuming group whose members create armor based on the notorious Boba Fett and his Mandalorian brothers in arms, the Mercs return to Celebration with a larger area, great charity opportunities, and more. Look for more here soon on what they will bring to the show.

Mississippi Mandalorians. The Mississippi Mandalorians is the South’s largest non- costume centric fan group. They take pride in their charitable work but also consider themselves a group of friends who come together through their mutual love of Star Wars.

Norwich Star Wars Club UK. Going since 1999, this Norwich, U.K. club prides itself in sharing their love of Star Wars with fans of all interests and ages. The club includes a costume group called Heroes and Villains. They are a sister club with the Mississippi Mandalorians.

Ohio Star Wars Collectors’ Club. Focusing on networking, sharing collections, and a love of Star Wars, the club involves families in the fan experience and in promoting the collecting fan community.

Pennsylvania Star Wars Collecting Society. The PSWCS is dedicated to enhancing the collecting experiences of Pennsylvania Star Wars collectors. They have created a network to facilitate collecting needs, share information, and socialize. The club accepts all collectors who currently live in Pennsylvania or have significant ties to Pennsylvania.

R2-D2 Builders. Once again, the R2-D2 Builders will bring a treasure of expertly-built droids to Celebration. Read more soon on their display room, programming, and other activities.

Star Wars Grand Florida Alliance. The club boasts a diverse membership drawn together by a love of Star Wars. Social networking is a focus, and the group includes members who collect, costume, create, and spread the fun of the galaxy in a variety of ways.

Star Wars Japanese Vegetable Carving and Japanese Jedi Order. Combining Star Wars with a cultural, old Japanese handwork technique called Mukimono, to be demonstrated at Celebration VI. The Jedi Order enjoys costuming and performances for family, friends, and their community. (It's a veggie Yoda pictured above.)

SWAGG 77. The group creates Star Wars characters, and performs plays on social media channels, practicing improv and performances before live audiences as well.

The 501st Legion. For Celebration VI, the 501st Legion will be exhibiting in a dedicated display room (to be announced soon), and is looking to bring bigger, better, and most impressive programming to the show.

The Dark Empire. The Dark Empire promotes multi-generational fandom and appreciation of Star Wars through acts of charity, and encourages creative costuming as custom characters and canon characters representing the “dark side” of the Star Wars universe.

The Dented Helmet. Celebrating over a decade as the definitive resource for Boba Fett costuming, The Dented Helmet will host the As You Wish charity art helmet project in their booth area on the Celebration Exhibition floor.

The Force United. Representing Star Wars fan news sites and collecting sites from points across the globe.

The Jedi Assembly. Bringing balance to the Force, the Jedi Assembly is made up of Jedi costumers who focus on their craft, and on charitable contributions in their communities.

The Rebel Legion. Returning with a new, special display in the Celebration Experience Hall, the Rebels will surprise the Empire once again with their new presentation. More to come soon, here on the official website.

The Saber Guild. A voluntary, not-for-profit costumed Star Wars performance group, the members meet and perform to help charitable organizations, and to spread the joy of Star Wars.

Wookieepedia. Members of the definitive Star Wars Wiki will be on the show floor at Celebration VI to make sure that all attendees have their facts straight, and to share their in-depth knowledge.

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