Which Points Make Up the Cost of Your Comics

Want to know how much your comics will cost you? The exact price can be defined only after the discussion of the order. You should know that there are several points, which make up the cost. Everything will depend on the aims of using comics: whether you want to use it just for fun impressing your friends or to use it for your work.

The price of our services is formed taking into account the following points. Check out them here:

  1. Complex development of comics

Concept art, character development is a textual description and visual design (appearance, clothing items, character, habits, motivation). Integrated development of the character will make it out alive, appealing to the wider audience. Our aim is to make a character attractive for the target audience.

  1. Plot – the main idea, executed on a high artistic level, which meets the requirements of the target audience. At this point, we offer several variations of the plot. The customer can choose among them or offer his/her own plot and we are going to adjust it to desired taste and preferences of the customer.
  2. Script – the story presentation, adapted to create comics, namely the location of the panels, angles, description of parts and elements of drawing, character dialogues. It is important to build up the script so that each page of the comic ended in the most interesting way, and the reader would like to open the next page.
  3. Drawing – it includes pencil, ink, color, work with the circuit. Each stage is always agreed with the customer, all corrections are included in the process of working on a product that ensures maximum matching of the clients’ requests.
  4. Design – selection of font and text effects. This is the final stage in the work. This is an important component of any professional comics, emphasizing neatness and attractiveness of work in general.